Tobias is a software entrepreneur and have spent many years working within the web development ecosystem. He is a Symfony core team member, organizer of Swedish PHP meetups, co-host of the Sound of Symfony podcast and a public speaker. He has also written for php[architect], SitePoint and is a certified Symfony developer.

Tobias is currently working at, a company that is trying to make the recruiting market more fair. You will find tech blog posts over at I’m constantly looking for opportunities to share my knowledge and experience. Just let me know by Twitter if you got something for me.

He is currently a developer in the following projects: PHP-Cache, HTTPlug, Guzzle, PHP-Geocoder, PHP-Translation and many more… Se below.

You can find me on Twitter, GitHub and LinkedIn.

If you like my work, then please support me on Patreon or send me a pull request.


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Open source packages

Here is a list of the larger or the more interesting packages Tobias has created or is currently maintaining.

Package Stats Description
backup-manager/symfony Downloads  
BazingaGeocoderBundle Downloads  
cache/adapter-bundle Downloads  
cache/cache-bundle Total Downloads  
ekino/newrelic-bundle Total Downloads  
friendsofapi/billogram Downloads  
friendsofapi/ Downloads  
graphaware/neo4j-php-ogm Downloads  
guzzlehttp/guzzle Downloads  
guzzlehttp/psr7 Downloads  
happyr/cloud-flare-bundle Downloads  
happyr/doctrine-specification Downloads  
happyr/linkedin-api-client Downloads  
knplabs/github-api Downloads  
kriswallsmith/buzz Downloads  
mailgun/mailgun-php Downloads  
matthiasnoback/symfony-dependency-injection-test Downloads  
matthiasnoback/symfony-config-test Downloads  
nyholm/nsa Downloads  
nyholm/psr7 Downloads  
nyholm/symfony-bundle-test Downloads  
psr/http-client Downloads  
PHP-Geocoder Downloads Maintaining the organization since 2017
php-http/multipart-stream-builder Downloads  
php-http/httplug Downloads Co-creator
php-http/httplug-bundle Downloads  
php-translation/common Downloads Creator
Puli Downloads Maintaining since 2018
Stampie Downloads  
league/geotools Downloads  
webmozart/assert Downloads