Image of Tobias Tobias is a software entrepreneur and have spent many years working within the web development ecosystem. He is organizer of Swedish PHP meetups, co-host of the Sound of Symfony podcast and a public speaker. He has also written for php[architect] and is a certified Symfony developer.

Tobias is currently working at, a company that is trying to make the recruiting market more fair. You will find tech blog posts over at I’m constantly looking for opportunities to share my knowlegde and experience. Just let me know by Twitter if you got something for me.

He is currently a developer in the following projects: PHP-Cache, HTTPlug, Guzzle, PHP-Geocoder, Mailgun, JMSTranslator, LinkedIn PHP client and 50+ smaller ones.

You can find me on Twitter, GitHub and LinkedIn.


Topic Event Location Date
Knowing your state machines SymfonyCon Berlin Dec 1, 2016
Logging & monitoring workshop “Internet days” Stockholm Nov 23, 2016
Sound of Symfony podcast Symfony Catalunya Barcelona Jul 22, 2016
Logging and monitoring PHP meetup Stockholm Apr 19, 2016
Logging and monitoring Wordpress meetup Stockholm Apr 14, 2016
Symfony 3 PHP meetup Stockholm Dec 17, 2015
PSR-7 PHP meetup Stockholm Oct 7, 2015
Hack in 60 seconds Web meetup Shanghai Sep 24, 2015
Hack in 60 seconds PHP meetup New York Jul 14, 2015
Hack in 60 seconds PHP meetup New Jersey Jul 13, 2015
Symfony components Laravel meetup Stockholm Mar 20, 2015
Hack - Lightning talk FOSDEM Brussels Feb 1, 2015
Sound of Symfony Symfony con Madrid Nov 22, 2014
Hack in 60 seconds November Camp Stockholm Nov 14, 2014
Hack in 60 seconds PHP meetup Stockholm May 28, 2014
Continuous Integration November camp Stockholm Nov 22, 2013
Continuous Integration Company event Stockholm Aug 7, 2013
Continuous Integration Company event Stockholm May 31, 2013
Symfony console component PHP meetup Stockholm Feb 21, 2013